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Re: speeding up Octave development (was: Re: m-code)

From: Rafael Laboissiere
Subject: Re: speeding up Octave development (was: Re: m-code)
Date: 08 Mar 1999 12:47:03 +0100

>>>>> "JWE" == John W Eaton <address@hidden> writes:

    JWE> On  6-Mar-1999, Rafael Laboissiere <address@hidden> wrote:

    JWE> | Once people realize that there is a better alternative to
    JWE> | Matlab, two things may happen: eventually the institutions will
    JWE> | accept giving part of the money formerly spent on licenses to
    JWE> | Octave funding,

    JWE> It would be nice, but I'm not too hopeful about this kind of thing
    JWE> happening.  I think it may be more likely that people will say `look,
    JWE> now we have something useful and we don't have to pay for it'.

This is certainly what will happen.  I just wrote that because some people
in this mailing list seemed to suggest that institutional support might
happen.  At any rate, many users are already conscious about the funding
problem that JWE faces for speeding up Octave development.  That is a good
starting point for gathering donations.

Rafael Laboissiere
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