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Re: Need a clue about compile failure in 2.1.13

From: Thomas Walter
Subject: Re: Need a clue about compile failure in 2.1.13
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 14:59:53 +0100

>>>>> "Scott" == O Scott Sands <address@hidden> writes:


    Scott> Octave 2.1.13 fails to complete building
    Scott> during final link. Lots of complaining about
    Scott> 'undefined reference in and
    Scott> I don't have a clue about
    Scott> what this means or what to do. Specifics:

    Scott> S.u.S.e. linux 5.3: Linux kernel 2.0.35 gcc
    Scott> gnu libc 1.09 beta (that's what the manual says)

    Scott> --enable-readline --enable-dl --enable-shared
    Scott> --enable-lite-kernel --enable-picky-flags

    Scott> Out of the 'make' command ....

Are you sure this version of 'gcc' is he C++ compiler?
Try:  gcc --version
      g++ --version
      gcc -v
      g++ -v

This suggestions are besed on my newledge on RH-Linux.
While switching to egcs, the have 'gcc-2.7.2.x' _without_ the C++
stuff, because 'gcc-2.7.x.x' is required to compile the Linux kernel.

And finally upgrade to gcc-2.8 or even better to 'egcs-1.1x.x'.
The latter is better for C++ (AFAIK).



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Inst. f. Physiklische Chemie II
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