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Re: Need a clue about compile failure in 2.1.13

From: Thomas Walter
Subject: Re: Need a clue about compile failure in 2.1.13
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 16:39:55 +0100

>>>>> "Joao" == Joao Cardoso <address@hidden> writes:

    Joao> Thomas Walter wrote:
    Joao> ...

    Joao> Also, try: title("#gS#u5#d#b#dn=1#u"); plot(sin(1:10))
    >> Hmm:
    >> title("#gS#u5#d#b#dn=1#u"); plot(sin(1:10))
    >> gives a small window with a nice title and the plot.

    Joao> small window? what do you mean? not a X plplot window?!

This gives a window with the window name 'Figure 0' with the geometrie
'0: 450x400+386+35'.

    >> And
    >> global pldevice = "xwin";
    >> plsdev (pldevice);
    >> plinit;
    >> plmtex ("t", 1.0, 0.5, 0.5, "#gS#u5#d#b#dn=1#u"); plot(sin(1:10))
    >> plend
    >> gives it on a X11 window.

And this gives a window wich looks the same like the X11-Window if one
execute for example 'x01c' compiled from 'x01c.c' and using 'xwin' as
output device.

    Joao> Do you have the PLplot directory in your LOADPATH *before* the 
    Joao> one? Also, if you have already use plot commands before setting
    Joao> LOADPATH, than octave may remember and use then; either `rehash' or
    Joao> `clear'. Also (too many ifs) some plot commands that do take action 
    Joao> at the next plot, such as title, xlabel, etc, do not initialize
    Joao> plplot_octave. The best is start with a straight plot.

Yes it is before:  I do path("plplot_octave_path", LOADPATH);
And a new octave session.
By the way, in my example above I missed the call to 'plenv', sorry.
The correct example:

octave:39> plplot_stub;
octave:40> pldevice="xwin";plsdev(pldevice);plinit
octave:41> plenv(1,10,-1,1,0,0);
octave:42> plmtex("t",1.0,0.5,0.5, "#gS#u5#d#b#dn=1#u");
octave:43> x=1:10;
octave:44> sx=sin(x);
octave:45> plot(x,sx);
octave:46> plend


    Joao> Not a single message in the previous weeks :-(
    Joao> <address@hidden>


    >> I looked at the sources of 'octave-2.1.13' the file 'ov.h'.  It does

    Joao> No time yet to check this.

    Joao> Another subject: the directory installation of plplot can be specified
    Joao> at configure time: use `--prefix=/usr/local' with `configure'. 
    Joao> same stray directories will appear: /usr/local/tcl examples and doc. 
    Joao> examples and doc directories can de deleted, but not the tcl one.

I solved it the other way:
I used the default prefix of plplot and then I linked the stuff to the
usual places '/usr/local/lib', '/usr/local/include', ...


Do not expect more answers til march, I go skiing.


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Dipl. Phys. Thomas Walter
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91058 Erlangen, Germany                 email: address@hidden

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