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Re: Need a clue about compile failure in 2.1.13

From: Thomas Walter
Subject: Re: Need a clue about compile failure in 2.1.13
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 11:44:56 +0100

>>>>> "Joao" == Joao Cardoso <address@hidden> writes:

    Joao> Thomas Walter wrote:
    >> >>>>> "Scott" == O Scott Sands <address@hidden> writes:
    >> [snip]
    Scott> ....back to plplot ...
    Scott> oss
    >> Hello
    >> I got it 'plplot-990122' together with 'octave-' without
    >> TK/TCL, only the Xwin driver.
    >> The only piece which does not work is the plotting of the symbols.  It
    >> does not find the fonts, I guess.

    Joao> You mean the `x07c.m' octave script in the demos directory? A line is
    Joao> missing: after plinit() add plfontld(1); you should now see all the
    Joao> symbols. If that don't work, try compiling x07c.c in the demos 
    Joao> and check if you can see the fonts. If not, then you have an 
    Joao> problem.

Yes, I found it after sending my mail too.  I compared 'x07c.c' with
'x07c.m' and then I recognized it.  The fix is to change the call
not adding.  Then it works.

    Joao> Also, try: title("#gS#u5#d#b#dn=1#u"); plot(sin(1:10))

        title("#gS#u5#d#b#dn=1#u"); plot(sin(1:10))
gives a small window with a nice title and the plot.

   global pldevice = "xwin";
   plsdev (pldevice);
   plmtex ("t", 1.0, 0.5, 0.5, "#gS#u5#d#b#dn=1#u"); plot(sin(1:10))
gives it on a X11 window.

Doing this I recognized the X-window does not remeber its contents.
Part of the grafic is lost if some parts of the window are in the
background and one puts the window after plotting into the foreground.

    >> For those who may be interested in compiling for Linux:
    Joao> ...

    Joao> I will forward your compile/installation complains to the plplot list,
    Joao> OK?

OK!  Can you meil me the name of the plplot list please, thanks.

    >> 2) mkoctfile complains about not having a rule to work with
    >> octave_value (int &)
    >> work around: convert each int-argument in to
    >> 'double' with a cast.

    Joao> strange... I will check it. But I am using the octave-2.1.x series 
and a
    Joao> more recent version of plplot_octave-0.4 (not yet released).

I looked at the sources of 'octave-2.1.13' the file 'ov.h'.  It does
not contain a conversion of 'int'.  Perhaps the class 'octave_value'
should be extended to contain 'octave_value (int i)' ot something

And another hint for the '.m' files:
I think it would be an improvement to change them in a manner to make
it work with 'whitespace_in_literal_matrix="ignore".  This is, add some
missing commas and semicolons.



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