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Re: graphics file format

From: S.Hefti
Subject: Re: graphics file format
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 10:35:25 -0500

address@hidden wrote:
> >BTW, is there a good file format that can store simple graphics
> >information in an intuitive manner?  xfig is too cryptic, postscript is

This is interesting. In my opinion, xfig is /the/ graphics format.
I think it is a very clever design to store complicated information,
and it is portable too. If you have xfig installed, you might
find the the documentation at:


Actually, I am working at a Octave Toolbox (I think that's
what it is called) which writes xfig files directly. I am
impressed of the capabilities I have with this approach.
The nice thing is that you can post-process your plot
using a nice GUI-program and add lables, strange symbols
and whatnot. You may find the current snapshot (1.27) at:

As soon as I have time, I will compile a couple of
examples and set-up a web page for olh/hgi.



Simon Hefti, Ph D                                     address@hidden

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