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graphics file format

From: doolin
Subject: graphics file format
Date: Tue, 09 Feb 99 18:57:49 -0800

>BTW, is there a good file format that can store simple graphics
>information in an intuitive manner?  xfig is too cryptic, postscript is
>too general and low level, pics in tex is too tedius ...  If there was
>such a thing it is very simple to write a translator to postscript using
>perl, and octave would have a completely controllable graphical end.

gnuplot scripts are very nice for this.  I use a makefile
to generate what I need when I need it:

.SUFFIXES :  .gnu .tex .fig .ps

TEXPLOTS = varionorth.tex
DATAFILES = varionorth.dat

texplots: $(TEXPLOTS) $(DATAFILES)

        gnuplot < $*.gnu

The script is stored in a file named (e.g.) varionorth.gnu

Hope this helps.

Dave Doolin


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