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Re: line width?

From: Joao Cardoso
Subject: Re: line width?
Date: Tue, 09 Feb 1999 09:04:37 +0000


with plplot_octave you can do it at plot time:


 autostyle "on" | "off"

 increases line style after each plot.
 Usefull for B&W plots

2-plplot API:


   Original PLplot call documentation:

   Sets the pen width.
   width (PLINT, input): The desired pen width. The pen width must be
   between 1 and a device dependent maximum value.

(but you don't see it on screen, only on plots, when you `save_fig()')
3-plplot API:

plstyl(nms, mark, space)

   Original PLplot call documentation:

   plstyl(nels, mark, space)
   This sets up the line style for all lines subsequently drawn. A line
   consists of segments in which the pen is alternately down and up. The
   lengths of these segments are passed in the arrays mark and space
   respectively. The number of mark-space pairs is specified by nels. In
   to return the line style to the default continuous line, plstyl
should be
   called with nels=0.(also see pllsty)...

3-plplot API:


   Original PLplot call documentation:

   This sets the line style according to one of eight predefined
   (also see plstyl).
   n (PLINT, input): Integer value between 1 and 8.

Huaiyu Zhu wrote:
> Larry,
> Thanks for the answer.  It's cool and quite expandable. I've made a little
> 2. I want a thicker plot line but a thin coordinate box, so I added a new
>    line type LTc.
> Question: How to change the dash segment length independently of the
> spacing between dashes?  /dl seems to control both.

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