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Re: line width?

From: ldoolitt
Subject: Re: line width?
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1999 20:36:59 -0500 (EST)

Huaiyu Zhu -
> How do I change line width in plots?  I've tried to look in both octave
> and gnuplot but don't seem to find an answer.

You might not like my answer, but ...

I use awk on the .eps output.  Sometimes I get carried away:

# Futz with .eps files that come out of gnuplot
   if ($1=="%%BoundingBox:") $2=70;
   if ($1=="/gnulinewidth")  $2="10.0";
   if ($1=="/dl")            $2="{30";
   print $0;

Of course, I automate all of this in a makefile, so to
recover from a "make clean", it automatically runs octave -q,
postprocesses the .eps with awk (unless I piped the plot
directly through a filter), and regenerates the paper with LaTeX.

Other people don't have to be so abstruse.  I find it helps
me save disk space, and forces me to document exactly how
I did each calculation, so I can come back to it a year later
without making a fool of myself.

    - Larry

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