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Re: line width?

From: Thomas Walter
Subject: Re: line width?
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 10:48:32 +0100

>>>>> "Huaiyu" == Huaiyu Zhu <address@hidden> writes:

    Huaiyu> Larry,
    Huaiyu> Thanks for the answer.  It's cool and quite expandable. I've made a 
    Huaiyu> bit of modification to suit my needs.  Here's the new one:

    Huaiyu> # Futz with .eps files that come out of gnuplot
    Huaiyu> {
    Huaiyu>   if ($1=="%%BoundingBox:") { $2 = 40; $3=80;}
    Huaiyu>    if ($1=="/gnulinewidth")  $2="40.0";
    Huaiyu>    if ($1=="/dl")            $2="{30"; 
    Huaiyu>    if ($1=="/LT0")           $1="/LTc { AL [] 0 0 0 DL } 
    Huaiyu>    if ($1=="LTb")            $1="LTc"; 
    Huaiyu>    print $0;
    Huaiyu> }
    Huaiyu> 1. For landscape plots the BoundingBox is a little different.
    Huaiyu> 2. I want a thicker plot line but a thin coordinate box, so I added 
a new
    Huaiyu>    line type LTc.

    Huaiyu> Question: How to change the dash segment length independently of the
    Huaiyu> spacing between dashes?  /dl seems to control both.

    Huaiyu> BTW, is there a good file format that can store simple graphics
    Huaiyu> information in an intuitive manner?  xfig is too cryptic, 
postscript is
    Huaiyu> too general and low level, pics in tex is too tedius ...  If there 
    Huaiyu> such a thing it is very simple to write a translator to postscript 
    Huaiyu> perl, and octave would have a completely controllable graphical end.

What do you thing about the 'meta file format' produced by 'graph'
from GNU package 'plotutils-2.1.6.tar.gz'.
The metaformat is in binary or ascii and much smaller than 'fig'
format and better to parse.



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