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Compiling Octave on Solaris 7

From: Colin Desmond
Subject: Compiling Octave on Solaris 7
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 1999 15:54:34 -0000


Has anyone managed to compile Octave 2-0-13 on x86 Solaris 7? I am using gcc, 
c++, g77 and libstdc++ 2.7.2 and I am configureing with both / 
either of -enable-dl and -with-g77.
 I am having the following problems:

NONE of the FORTRAN files in libcruft are being compiled despite configure 
accepting that g77 is OK.

The mkoctfile script has no link libraries in it and so I can't link 
or the in the examples dir.

Does nayone have any ideas how I can overcome these problems,



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