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Re: Release of Enigma 1.30-alpha

From: Sidney Markowitz
Subject: Re: Release of Enigma 1.30-alpha
Date: Sun, 27 Dec 2020 01:50:30 +1300
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Andreas Lochmann wrote on 26/12/20 1:40 pm:
I wrote a first draft of a manual relative mouse mode, in branch "alternative-mouse-input-1.3". You find the new button in the options menu,
[ ... ]
Could you check if the "slow"-mode at least works for you? Thank you in advance.

"Slow" mode works to some degree. In that mode, I have some control over the mouse, but it is is finicky to an unusable degree. I find it hard to describe exactly what it is doing. Sometimes it seems as if I move the mouse down, the ball moves up, I move the mouse up, the ball moves up, I move the mouse right, the ball moves right, I move the mouse left the ball moves right. But it isn't that clear-cut, if I move the mouse quickly, down, for example, the ball might move down. Mostly it seems like the ball responds erratically to the mouse movement. I can get the mouse outside of the Enigma window, in which case I get mouse events showing again in the log, this time with numbers in the minus to plus 300 range.

With all that, if I set the mouse speed to anything higher than 1, the mouse moves too quickly and erratically for me to do anything at all with it.


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