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Re: Release of Enigma 1.30-alpha

From: Andreas Lochmann
Subject: Re: Release of Enigma 1.30-alpha
Date: Thu, 24 Dec 2020 23:19:37 +0100

Yes, there is quite a difference: The menu mouse cursor is displayed by absolute mouse coordinates, delivered by SDL. If there was a problem with absolute measurements, nearly every SDL using application would fail. However, in the game we use relative coordinates (delivered by SDL), which is a much more seldom used feature. There are also several bugs related to relative mouse measures:

Could you try "enigma --log --nograb"? This is no solution, but it helps to pin down the problem. It sets two SDL-switches to false; one of them grabs the mouse, such that Enigma does not loose focus when the mouse cursor leaves the window; the other one is connected to relative mouse motion. The first switch has to be on for the game to be playable, but the second ... who knows?

Your configuration with several monitors sure can explain the large numbers, this is very interesting. However, it's not an uncommon configuration, we should be able to present a solution.

SDL's solution to relative mouse motion is just by calculating differences and reporting these. If something suddenly changes the absolute position of the mouse cursor (VIrtualBox might do this!) the result is an extraordinarily large number, like you observed, and like we observed in prior versions of SDL 1.2 in certain situations as well (this is why we filter out all excessively large numbers). We might be able to calculate the relative mouse positions by ourselves, but this is not trivial -- we might have to regularly reset the absolute position of the mouse cursor to the center of the window etc.

Am Do., 24. Dez. 2020 um 22:13 Uhr schrieb Sidney Markowitz <sidney@sidney.com>:
That could explain it. I have a MacBook Pro laptop with two external monitors attached. The virtual machine display is on one of the external monitors. I can imagine that a bug in the interaction between SDL2 and the virtual graphics stuff could result in coordinates with large numbers as if the three screens were one huge virtual display. I'll try it with the VM displayed on just the laptop screen, and try with the external monitors unplugged to see if it makes a difference. If that helps we can see if there is a way to get it to work with external monitors.

Do have an idea what is different with the mouse when it is in a menu screen and the magic wand mouse cursor does display and move correctly?



Andreas Lochmann wrote on 25/12/20 9:52 am:
A mouse event with so large numbers is discarded by Enigma on purpose, because the black ball would suddenly be subjected to an enormous impulse, if the mouse event would have been interpreted the normal way. So, the ball not moving is a logical and necessary consequence to an overly large mouse xrel/yrel-pairing. So ... we have to ask: Why does SDL2 report so large xrel/yrel-values?

I cannot reproduce the bug ... could you please answer the following questions?

Do you use a special kind of mouse or mouse port?

Do you use an intermediary program (like a logger) or a remote desktop? (Those might manipulate the mouse coordinates. The fact that you observe the same problem using VirtualBox can be explained by (1) VirtualBox manipulating the mouse coordinates or (2) the host OS being involved in the bug.)

Were there other windows on the screen, besides Enigma's window?

There is a bug report about SDL 2 here concerning "jumpy" relative mouse motion:
It needs other windows other than Enigma to be present. It should be closed on X11, but your host OS might still be reporting wrong numbers. However, the numbers you report are so much larger, that it just doesn't make sense, unless you use something like a 40.000 x 20.000 pixel display?


Am Do., 24. Dez. 2020 um 15:20 Uhr schrieb Sidney Markowitz <sidney@sidney.com>:
I tried installing on Ubuntu 20.04 based Linux Mint Mate and got the same
problem with the mouse while in the level.

At this point the only point of difference I see is that I'm running it on a
VirtualBox virtual machine.

In other news, I've built and uploaded a macOS dmg that anyone can use to
install Enigma on macOS without having to have Homebrew and without building
from source. So far it has only been tested on macOS Catalina. If it doesn't
work on High Sierra or Mojave, let me know and I can build it on a High Sierra
machine instead, which should be forward-compatible to Mojave and Catalina.
Big Sur will have to wait until I can set up a machine to play with it.



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