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Re: Release of Enigma 1.30-alpha

From: Sidney Markowitz
Subject: Re: Release of Enigma 1.30-alpha
Date: Sat, 26 Dec 2020 11:00:31 +1300
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Andreas Lochmann wrote on 26/12/20 1:56 am:
Hmm ... please change line 932 in video.cc from
     SDL_SetRelativeMouseMode(enabled ? SDL_TRUE : SDL_FALSE);

This worked, though with the problem you mentioned when the invisible mouse cursor leaves Enigma's window.

Could you also try the following as replacement for line 932?
  Log << "Result of SetRelativeMouseMode: " << SDL_SetRelativeMouseMode(SDL_TRUE) << "\n";
I assume that "enigma --log" yields something like
   "Result of SetRelativeMouseMode: -1";
Indicating an error.

No, the result of that is 0, and the large numbers problem of course re-appears.

Oh, and is there a "Last SDL error:" at the end of the log (fourth line from the bottom)
(Probably just "missing sound", but maybe it's an important hint.)

There is no "Last SDL error" in the log, and nothing in the log looks to me as if it represents an SDL error message. There could be lines that I incorrectly think are other warnings, but none of them strike me as being an SDL error message.


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