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Release of Enigma 1.30-alpha

From: Andreas Lochmann
Subject: Release of Enigma 1.30-alpha
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2020 15:16:34 +0100
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Dear developers, contributors, and friends of Enigma,

today we release Enigma 1.30-alpha. It is meant as a
version for level developers and bug hunters. However,
if you currently have problems running Enigma 1.21 on
your system, you might consider switching to Enigma
1.30-alpha, instead of waiting for the beta version.

The major change from version 1.21 can be safely
attributed to Daniel Heck: He swapped out the outdated
SDL 1.2 against SDL 2.0. Many thanks to Daniel for
this major work! It will hopefully provide more
stability in the future, even if, right now, this
means that Enigma 1.30-alpha will be more bug-ridden
than Enigma 1.21 was in its heyday.

We have a list of more than 190 additional levels
planned for 1.30-beta. Enigma 1.30-alpha will provide
you with 22 of them, primarily for showcasing the
new game objects we introduce with Enigma 1.30.
However, there are some gems among these 22 levels,
and I highly recommend you try them out. Many thanks
go out to Nobby, Thomas, Raoul, and our new
contributor and author, Georg Honold, who will curate
the remaining ~170 levels for Enigma 1.30-beta.

If you are a level developer, we hope the new objects
we include will inspire you, help you to realize
new ideas and new kinds of puzzles. Please feel free
to present us your new levels, via enigma-devel or
illmind's mag-heut.net forum. Kudos to illmind for
providing us with a forum for more than 16 years now!

You can find Enigma 1.30-alpha here:


On Linux:
  Right now, no binary package exists for Linux.
  If you run into problems compiling the source code,
  please don't be afraid to ask for help here on the
  enigma-devel mailing list, or on mag-heut.net.

On Windows:
  The zip-file Enigma-w32-1.30-alpha.zip will unpack
  to a directory, from which you can run Enigma
  directly, no further installation neccessary. We might
  provide you with an installer in the coming days, if
  need be. You can alternatively download the windows
  zip-file from sourceforge:


On Mac:
  Sidney has been working tirelessly on compiling
  Enigma for macOS. Four days ago he wrote a message
  on how to use homebrew to compile Enigma from the
  github master branch. If you follow his advice,
  you can compile Enigma 1.30-alpha for yourself.
  He is also working on a dmg, which might be added
  soon. Many thanks go to Sidney for his continuing
  work on making Enigma available on Mac!

Please remember that this is an alpha-version. There
might be evil bugs not yet seen, so please backup
your scores and self-written levels before trying it.

List of shortcomings / known bugs:

- Credits have not been updated since 1.21.
  Sorry to everyone not yet mentioned, this will
  be fixed in beta of course.
- Translations have not been updated since 1.21.
  Many thanks to the translators. Your work is
  highly appreciated, I just could not find the
  time to fit it into alpha before Christmas.
  It will definitely be in beta!
- Switching to another language is not
  instantaneous, but might need a restart of Enigma.
  (I noticed this bug too late, sorry.)
- The ratings are not updated.
- I forgot to add some license docs for dlls on
  Windows. They will be added for beta.
- Enigma has some performance issues since switching
  to SDL 2.0, particularly in smoothly scrolling
  levels. We will try to improve this for beta.
- Rescaling the application window introduces
  graphical artifacts: Better use fixed window
  sizes for now.
- Not all fullscreen modes are available yet.

If you find more bugs, please don't hesitate to
inform us, via enigma-devel, mag-heut, or an issue
on GitHub.

We wish all of you happy holidays,
please stay safe, and: Have fun!

Andreas, Daniel, Raoul, Nobby, Thomas, and Georg

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