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Updated release files for Enigma 1.30-alpha Linux and macOS

From: Sidney Markowitz
Subject: Updated release files for Enigma 1.30-alpha Linux and macOS
Date: Mon, 28 Dec 2020 18:50:01 +1300
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I've uploaded a new build of the Linux source distribution, corrected to have the formerly missing models-64.lua file, and a new build of the macOS dmg file that also fixes the missing models-64 and was built under Mojave so it should run on Mojave or later. I have tested it on Mojave and Catalina, but don't yet have a Mac running Big Sur. If someone could try it out and let us know how it goes, that would be great.

The links for the newly uploaded files are
(Note that the first link is the same as the original upload, but the file has been updated.)


Checksums for new enigma-1.30-alpha.tar.gz

sha256 89a413beda58d96f6d19a7d45eb61bc395a8f091233cc3200dd9fd37881cd3ff
sha1 830bbcfd383239436b4d3b65737e5dc2c45286fc
md5 f178022f92536620b7813696a3dff046


Checksums for Enigma-1.30-alpha-Mojave-or-later.dmg

sha256 094055702ba5ab36f3cdb2f02cdeb8b52d7eada9321034b9e23b36dbabe47595
sha1 68c5b664dbe8b762649e49b26f94999ddef7c43d
md5 44a9431e1369d67685f033c68de18890


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