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RE: [Phpgroupware-users] Who develops phpGroupWare?

From: Alex Borges
Subject: RE: [Phpgroupware-users] Who develops phpGroupWare?
Date: 13 Aug 2003 12:47:53 -0500

Okay, i hope now everyone is happy. 
Great move. To bring this discussion into the users's list....

Above poster The Emilsons <address@hidden> Is right, i too would
be buzzed off if i wasnt more into the project and just were in for use.

So, to ensure everyone. This is a normal day in paradise for most open
source projects. Phpgroupware is  a full FSF gnu project and thats why
this discussion was so heated and came to this. To be a GNU project
carries some requirements in infrastructure and thats what this
discussion was about.

It has been solved though. The site is bound to come really soon in a
GNU box and we will have infrastructure from two great sponsors RedHat
and Toshiba that will serve us to give other services like demos and
maybe a third party app playground (thats a proposition of mine).

Im sorry if as a user you have been stressed by this discussion but
really, it shouldnt have gotten into this channel. This was to be mainly
a core team issue, i mean, as a user, what do you care where the site is
as long as it WORKS!? Hell, most developers shouldnt care either!

So, please forgive us and carry on. The software is fine and on its way
to be better. I will be posting a demo of the new addressbook in 0.9.16
for your enjoyment. Just so you guys can see what a great app is

Be shure to check the new calendar stuff like the way to choose accounts
and stuff. This is all thanks to all the developers, including Bettina
Guille, Dave Hall, Ralf Becker, Dan Kuykendall, Some Weirdos in Mexico
and all the developers you can see at the top of each file in your
phpgroupware install.

So please, relax. To take credit's for SCO's new slogan. Phpgroupware is
"Worry free software" (LOL).

Alex Borges
The Step One Group

PS If you guys want to keep this going on, do it on the devel list.

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