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ENOUGH!!! (Was Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Who develops phpGroupWare?)

From: Rodolfo J. Paiz
Subject: ENOUGH!!! (Was Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Who develops phpGroupWare?)
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2003 23:54:07 -0600

At 8/17/2003 22:27 -0700, Dan Kuykendall wrote:
With a stat like this its also easy to win when your commiting small updates at a time.

Not saying thats the entire reason, but its quiet easy for me to jump to the top by simply going thru and fixing formatting problems in every single file.

As a simple user, who just got here recently and has no knowledge of the history of the project or the disputes therein, may I respectfully suggest that you


The users list is not, repeat NOT, in any project the place for this kind of petty, political, bullshit squabbling. Please, most kindly, wash your dirty laundry at home. Doubtless there is a devel list, and other fora, in which you all can (and should) settle your differences even if it involves squabbling. After all, settling differences successfully is even more important than avoiding them in the first place.

But this is not the place nor do we, the several hundred (thousand?) people on this list, give a shit. I am personally already quite frustrated with this; it is none of my business, and I have no reason to see it. Plus, it makes all of you look bad since none of US have any way of knowing any of YOU nor HOW MUCH of what any of you say is true. And since it's all contradictory, you all look like liars which I'm sure is not what you want.

What you will promote by this behavior is users leaving this list, harming your community and, in the long term, harming adoption and growth of your project. A wonderful, powerful, amazing, flexible project, but this is truly stupid, stupid, self-destructive behavior. I know for damn sure that if I spend more time listening to you bitch than learning about phpGW and then later helping others use it, then I will leave the list (and the project) very quickly; I have other areas of my life in which hearing this is necessary and I am certainly not going to do it out of choice.

Here's to hoping this gets through to all of you.

Rodolfo J. Paiz

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