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Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Who develops phpGroupWare?

From: Ralf Becker
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-users] Who develops phpGroupWare?
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 14:45:45 +0200
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I hoped my last reply would be last one of this thread, but I can't let these lies and attacs agains me personaly stand there with out an answer.

Dave Hall wrote:
Ralf Becker <address@hidden> wrote:
Dave Hall wrote:
I have no idea who made you the "captain of the footballteam", as far as I know the elections have not taken part so far,
or have they been postponed in favor of a proclamation.

I am claiming to be captian of the team.  I am happy to be on the team.
 I was getting us a GNU server up as soon as possible.

I guess that's a typo and your not realy claiming that.

I'm not interested in a captains position,

Really?  Don't kid yourself.  I remember some long phone calls and IRC
chats with you before the leadership "discussion".  We both know you
want a leadership position, that is fine, but don't claim you don't, or
play little power games.

Captain is - in my understanding - the head of the team and far from being a democratic position, I never said I'm interested in that, nor do I do so now.

Everthing else is simply a lie!

I always said, I want a position in that coordination team and I favor to be responsible for the API as this is where my interest is.

Not a speaker or "captain" as want to make people believe.

I think your timing was very dodgy.  We both know that more has been
going on in private chat and off list emails - don't kid yourself Ralf.
 You want a piece of the infrastructure pie, as you think it would give
you some power or something.  At every opportunity you want to use "the
Toshiba box" for the website.

This is because I think I have to stick to my word and not change it just because it's no longer opportun. You self supported the idea of getting an own server, when the fork disscussion came up. We (Reiner, Lars and I) went on our own expenses to the CeBit and negoiated that box with Toschiba and RedHat.

I understand, and think Toschiba and RH too, that we have to meet the terms of the compromise we made with seek3r (transfering the domain to the FSF). On the other hand we as a project should feel responsible for the word we given to sponsors and try to arrange something to make them happy too. As I talked with eg. ceb yesterday a compromise could be to move the demos and a european mirror of the website to the toschiba box. This costs us nothing and let us stick to our word.

You have even suggested that moving to a GNU box is just an interim solution.

We had a lengthy discussion on that one - in short: my understanding of controlling is owning the domain and not owning the box. But I learned now that is different for other people. Fine.

Ralf be up front with the users.  Don't make it seem like you are trying
to be good guy in all of this - you have other agendas.

I am upfront and open with everyone and I dont have hidden agendas.

I would wish you would be honest too - and not start makeing up things to support your position. If you still think they are not just made up, you should proof them.

I hope that helps to clearfy things and to calm down all of us.

Lets start talking again ...

I am sick of talking about bs.  Lets move forward.  We always get stuck
talking crap.

I still stick to what I said in the last reply and I dont think talking is bullshit.

For my understanding talking is the only possebility to solve that issue in the projects and everones best interest. I don't consider produceing mails to the lists as talking, as it only makes things worse and not calms them down.

Ralf Becker
OUTDOOR UNLIMITED Training GmbH                Telefon 0631 / 31657-0
Leibnizstra├če 17                               Telefax 0631 / 31657-26
D-67663 Kaiserslautern            EMail address@hidden

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