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Fwd: Interpolation on scattered data

From: Nicklas Karlsson
Subject: Fwd: Interpolation on scattered data
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2020 10:09:05 +0100

Den mån 23 mars 2020 kl 18:30 skrev c. <address@hidden>:

> Il giorno 23 mar 2020, alle ore 18:09, Nicholas Jankowski <address@hidden> ha scritto:
> It's not possible to send your own triangulation to griddata(...) and
> I need to do because griddata(...) function does not work, it actually
> crash Octave. Data come from measurement on many different point in
> system and hopefully same triangulation work for interpolation for all
> values.
>> Think the best option is to modify griddata(...) function to my need. It only took a minute or so to find the griddata function on filesystem, it is a rather short function. Need to supply my own triangulation and it is also useful to show triangulation used so to check it is reasonable.
>> Only drawback modifying griddata(...) function is I have to make it available to others to fulfill license requirements. ;)
> (FYI please keep the mailing list in the conversation, and it is the
> convention of this mailing list is to bottom post.  see
> )
> can you provide a sample of the data that is crashing Octave? I'd be
> curious to see what the specific problem is.
> Also, I'm no expert on licensing, but my understanding is you can make
> and keep private any changes to the code you want unless you
> distribute your modified program in some fashion, in which case you
> need to make the source code available along with it.
> That said, if it improves the function while maintaining compatibility
> I'm sure we'd love to consider any improvement to the code.

I actually already have a modified version which I used locally.
I attach it in case it is of use to anyone else.

Tried it and it works!

griddata(...) function work on gridded data while this function work on triangulation. Will write a few a words about it tonight and suggest it is added to Octave among the "tri" functions as it belong there.
There already are triplot(...) trimesh(...) trisurf(...) and suggest tridata(...) would be a good name for this function. It is probably a good idea to use similar parameters as on the other tri functions tridata(tri, x, y, xi, yi) but are a little bit unsure about method if higher degree was ever to be added, know lagrange polynoms are commonly used for partial differential equations.

Thanks a lot, Nicklas Karlsson

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