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Re: Interpolation on scattered data

From: Nicholas Jankowski
Subject: Re: Interpolation on scattered data
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2020 13:09:30 -0400

 It's not possible to send your own triangulation to griddata(...) and
I need to do because griddata(...) function does not work, it actually
crash Octave. Data come from measurement on many different point in
system and hopefully same triangulation work for interpolation for all
> Think the best option is to modify griddata(...) function to my need. It only 
> took a minute or so to find the griddata function on filesystem, it is a 
> rather short function. Need to supply my own triangulation and it is also 
> useful to show triangulation used so to check it is reasonable.
> Only drawback modifying griddata(...) function is I have to make it available 
> to others to fulfill license requirements. ;)

(FYI please keep the mailing list in the conversation, and it is the
convention of this mailing list is to bottom post.  see )

can you provide a sample of the data that is crashing Octave? I'd be
curious to see what the specific problem is.

Also, I'm no expert on licensing, but my understanding is you can make
and keep private any changes to the code you want unless you
distribute your modified program in some fashion, in which case you
need to make the source code available along with it.

That said, if it improves the function while maintaining compatibility
I'm sure we'd love to consider any improvement to the code.

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