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Re: how to calculate mean for many files

From: febty febriani
Subject: Re: how to calculate mean for many files
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2009 14:57:32 +0900

Based on what you think the following two lines from your code:


will collect file names from the directory ?

Yes, you are right. So, my result was not to be what I expected like my description on the previous email. Anyway, thanks very much for your explanation about array. It is very helpful for me to understand octave better.
Until now, I can not find what command to pick up/load my files into a matrix. I have already searched about "load" command, but I didn't find yet.
Finally, I used awk command to solve my problem eventhough awk is more time-consuming.
Again, thanks very much..



febty febriani
Indonesian Institute of Sciences
Research Center for Physics
Serpong, Indonesia, 15314

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