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Re: Windows Vista and Octave

From: SPilot
Subject: Re: Windows Vista and Octave
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 10:30:44 -0500

Hi Matsuoka,

I'm trying to write a makefile to compile Octave using MSVC.  Can you
provide any help?


             Tatsuro MATSUOKA                                              
   >                                                     To 
             11/10/2007 04:33          Michael Goffioul                    
             PM                        <address@hidden>, "John 
                                       G." <address@hidden>            
             Please respond to         address@hidden              
             address@hidden                                     Subject 
                  Re: Windows Vista and Octave        


--- Tatsuro MATSUOKA <address@hidden> wrote:

> Dear Michael
> Sorry for my mail impolite manner.
> I am glad to here that your binary works well on the VISTA.
> I hope the VISTA people will take part in the maintaners ML (not help
> At the moment, the VISTA specific problem seem to be found.

=> At the moment, the VISTA specific problem seem not to be found.

> But there will be possible to found VISTA specific problem.
> Indeed, there seems pkg.m on mingw does not work correct for only (?)
Japanese version windows.
> There will be possible such the specific error will occur on the VISTA.
> Tatsuro

Mmmmmm. I have to be a more careful man but it will be acomlished with the
largest efforts.:-)


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