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Re: Windows Vista and Octave

From: Tatsuro MATSUOKA
Subject: Re: Windows Vista and Octave
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2007 05:02:24 +0900 (JST)

--- Olli Saarela <address@hidden> wrote:

> John G. wrote:
> > I'm interested in Octave but have not been able to find out if it is 
> > compatible with Vista.  I noted that the website mentioned compatibility 
> > with 2000 and XP.
> I have successfully used Octave on Vista, and I don't see any reason why 
> Vista should be omitted from a compatibility list any more.
> Go ahead with Octave on Vista (unless you have already done so). Should 
> you encounter any problems, please report them and help to debug them. 
> With earlier Octave versions I have encountered some minor 
> Windows-specific / Vista-specific problems, but they have been resolved 
> very rapidly after they have been brought to the attention of the Octave 
> community.

Each maintainer of windows version of octave perhaps does not have the VISTA. 
So that we need the help
of the VISTA people.  I myself am an maintainer testing version of the cygwin 
binaries. I do not have
the VISTA.  I will not at the momont buy the VISTA because my XP works well and 
my work is voluntary
so that I cannot spend my money to test the binaries on the VISTA. 

> A known, but only a minor imperfection is that closing an Octave session
> from the "X" in the upper right corner pops up an error message. This
> can be ignored. The "quit" command doesn't show such a message.
> In Octave you can use either single (') or double quotes (") for
> strings. Single quotes are more convenient for path names, because
> of the special meaning of backslash inside double quotes. E.g.,
>      '\t'  % a string with 2 characters: backslash t
>      "\t"  % a string with 1 character: tabulator
>      cd 'd:\tmp\new folder' % quotes needed because of the white
>                             % space in directory name
>      addpath('c:\some directory\m-files')
> Persistent definitions (such as the path where m-files are searched) can
> be set up in a file named ".octaverc" in the user's home directory. This
> file is executed each time Octave is started. Not all text editors in 
> Windows are able to create a file with only an ".extension" but no 
> actual "name". A workaround is to issue the following commands in Octave:
>      cd                                   % cd to home directory
>      f=fopen('.octaverc','a');fclose(f);  % create file
>      edit .octaverc                       % open editor
I have test this on the MSVC octave-2.9.16 on my XP computer.
There was no problem. 

This may be the VISTA specific problem.
But to certificate it, other reports from the VISTA people are required.


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