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Re: eigs and

From: Mark McClure
Subject: Re: eigs and
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 10:58:11 -0500

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From: David Bateman <address@hidden>

> Isn't compiled with f2c as Apple in their wisdom choose
> not to supply a fortran compiler in their Xcode suite.. That is
> probably the issue. Perhaps Arpack can be compiled with f2c as
> well..

I suppose this makes sense; thanks for the info.  

Two questions:
 1) Has anyone had success with eigs on a Mac?  Perhaps,
    via direct compilation of Octave as described here:
 2) My impression is that eigs is unlikely to every be included
    in the standard Octave distribution due to license concerns
    involving ARPACK.  Is this correct?

I ask the second question more for my students than for myself.
I'll be teaching a class in numerical linear algebra next
semester.  Our students have some access to Matlab on campus, but
I'd like to let them know about Octave as a viable alternative to
potentially save some of them some money and to expose them to
open source software.  Many of our applications of interest
involve eigensystems of large sparse matrices, however, so a
working eigs function is really essential.

Thanks again,

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