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Re: Windows 2000 (more trouble)

From: Nimrod Mesika
Subject: Re: Windows 2000 (more trouble)
Date: Wed, 08 Nov 2000 22:33:18 +0200
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On Mon, Nov 06, 2000 at 11:55:17AM -0500, Robert Weldon wrote:

This may be a bit inaccurate as I'm not yet familiar enough with
Windows 2000 or with octave-windows. However for those who are
experiencing problems:

1. Installed octave-windows-2000 as Administrator

   At this point Octave works OK for the Administrator account.  I
   use a restricted user account (this is supposed to be a multiuser
   system, right?) which could not run Octave.

2. Copied the registry entries of Cygwin from the registry of the
   Administrator to the registry of the restrcited user account
   (using regedit). Created a world-writable ŠÜtmp dir and removed
   the mkdir ŠÜtmp and rmdir ŠÜtmp from octave.bat

   Great - now Octave works. Piping to gnuplot fails.

3. Added a /Program Files/GNU/octave/home/.octaverc with
   putenv('TMPDIR', 'c://tmp');
   (By the way, putting this statement in octave's startup script
   does not work for some reason).

   Presto! Now Octave & GNUplot work great.

Now just one question for the port maintainer:

It seems like Octave installs a reduced version of the cygwin tools.
Can I now install the complete cygwin tools? Should I expect problems?

And does Octave support .OCTs under windows? (DLLs I assume).

Thank you for a very nice package. Makes living with Windows just a
bit easier :)


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