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Re: Shooting method for ODE's

From: Michael Hanke
Subject: Re: Shooting method for ODE's
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2000 10:19:28 +0100

Ravi C Venkatesan wrote on Die, 07 Nov 2000:
> Should this not be available, could someone please educate me as to how I
> can incorporate existing modules from LAPACK/EISPACK or Numerical Recipes
> in Fortran 77/90 and/or C into Octave.

Some time ago I wrote certain wrappers for ode-solvers which I submitted to
octaves source list:
If you are interested in a rather robust code for solving bvp's I would suggest
to have a look at colnew (available from netlib). As far as I remember there is
an automatic wrapper generation tool available somewhere.



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