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RE: Windows 2000 (more trouble)

From: Julian A. de Marchi, Ph.D
Subject: RE: Windows 2000 (more trouble)
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2000 17:56:58 -0500

1. Installed octave-windows-2000 as Administrator
2. Copied the registry entries of Cygwin from the registry of the
   Administrator to the registry of the restrcited user account
   Great - now Octave works. 

... You might also simply try installing under the restricted account;
    when on NT, this works fine without modification.  2000 may differ?

3. Piping to gnuplot fails. 
   Added a /Program Files/GNU/octave/home/.octaverc with
   putenv('TMPDIR', 'c://tmp');
   Presto! Now Octave & GNUplot work great.

... As they should; the install script adds that line too, works on NT.
    2000 different?  BTW, filename scripted by installer uses octaverc
    (no preceding dot) -- does that work for you too if you change name?

It seems like Octave installs a reduced version of the cygwin tools.
Can I now install the complete cygwin tools? Should I expect problems?

... should be zero conflict.

And does Octave support .OCTs under windows? (DLLs I assume).

.. don't know the answer to that one.  Anyone?

Thank you for a very nice package. Makes living with Windows just a
bit easier :)

... thanks, we're trying...!


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