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Re: Looking for a program

From: Joerg Raedler
Subject: Re: Looking for a program
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 13:50:07 +0100

Matthew Valenta wrote:

>     Adding a CORBA interface to Octave could be very useful.  Then someone
>     could write any general GUI program that communicated with octave

I didn't think about CORBA because I know to little about it. I will have a
look at it to learn more... ;-)

>1) GTK (Gnome)
Didn't use yet, but seems to become one of the standard unix desktops (with
RedHat forcing the development). 

>2) Qt (KDE)
>    - Portable to Unix platforms
Windows version exists, but is commercial, I think.
>    - Future CORBA interface ("KOM")
>    - Qt versions <2.0  (and thus KDE 1.0/1.1) are INCOMPATIBLE with the GPL
>       Qt versions >=2.0 are COMPATIBLE with the GPL according to R. Stallman
Qt 2.0beta is already out, final 2.0 will come soon. 2.0 will be used by KDE
developers version 1.1.xx. 

>4) Tk - I know little  about this.   Can someone list the pluses/minuses?
+ TCL/TK is (almost?) portable to unix/windows and some other platforms
with native look&feel
- does not full integrate into standard desktops like GNOME or KDE (there's a
KDE lookalike TK-Clone with many limitations) 
+ TK can be used from C (C++?), the advantages of an interpreted language
(TCL) and a fast compiler language can be combined. 
- I don't like to learn TCL, for me it looks cryptic!!!

>My personal favorite is GTK/GNOME because is uses the GPL.
My favorite would be Qt/KDE, that's my standard desktop ;-)
But GTK/Gnome would be ok! 

>> 3. A 3D graphics toolbox: Used to visualize function graphs, vector fields or

[a lot of links]
I will soon look at some of this. 

>OK, two people makes a conspiracy.  Why don't Joerg and begin discussing
>specific work that we can do.  If anyone else is interested in working on such 
>project, please let us know.

Maybe we're getting off-topic for this general mailing list? What about a
small special list for the Octave-GUI-discussion (I can't do this well with my
dialup account)?

>1) GUI Toolkit for Octave
>2) GUI Interface to Octave
>3) 3-D graphics toolbox for Octave
>      (I have never looked at octave-plplot.  How advanced in this area is it?)
>4) CORBA interface for Octave
>Which would people most like to see?  In my mind, I'd like to work on (1) which
>then ultimately
>could be used by someone to build (2).
I'm not sure if it's good to build (2) using (1). Depends on the structure of
(1). But I would like to work on (1) and/or (2) as soon as I'm done with my
final examinations (3 weeks).

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