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Re: Looking for a program

From: Ian Kremenic
Subject: Re: Looking for a program
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 1999 14:28:21 +0000

> That said, it is important to focus on keeping an project doable so we should
> pick one toolkit with which to start.  In my mind, here are the possible 
> choices:
> 1) GTK (Gnome)
> ... 
> 2) Qt (KDE)
> ...
> 3) JX (WWW link somewhere at Caltech???)
> ... 
> 4) Tk - I know little  about this.   Can someone list the pluses/minuses?
> 5) Lesstif - I will not work on any Motif code.  I hate Motif.  But maybe
>                   someone with an unbiased view could speak out? ;-)
> My personal favorite is GTK/GNOME because is uses the GPL.

I'm about to undertake a project at work that will involve coding an 
interface which I wanted to be as cross-platform as possible, and I 
stumbled onto a toolkit called wxWindows, which seems to handle the 
GUI aspect of things quite nicely, and works for Motif, some of the 
older toolkits that sit on top of X, Windows, with the new version 
supporting GTK (there's also a Mac version floating around).  I've 
not used it, but I've been sitting on the mailing list for a while, 
and from what I've read it seems a nice tool (and, it's open-source).

Might make porting a little bit easier.

Ian Kremenic, M.Eng.                   address@hidden
Research Assistant/Network Admin.
Nicholas Institute for Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma

Once you've had extra crispy, you'll never go back again.
                                                -Mono Puff

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