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RE: Looking for a program

From: Matthew Valenta
Subject: RE: Looking for a program
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 1999 09:48:38 -0800

I have recently become interested in developing a GUI toolkit for Octave
that is roughly Matlab compatible.  I was actually leaning towards GTK+Gnome
because of its potential future for Desktop & Corba integration.
Ultimately, Corba would provide and excellent interface to a plotting
program.  Unfortunately, at this time, such plotting programs are in very
early stages of development.

GTK is not as wonderful as one would like and the C++ interface is still
Qt+KDE have a new license (possibly) GPL compatible license, better C++
bindings, and are farther along in development.

I lean against TCL, TK, JX, or others because their future desktop
integration is questionable.

Any thoughts?

I would be very willing to code with someone on this as I will eventually
need some sort of GUI interface for my work (and I'd like to avoid Matlab).

Matthew Valenta

> >     There was some talk some time ago about developing a GUI interface
> > to Octave.  Does anyone know what came of that?
> I think it got stuck in the TCL/TK discussion.
> I am trying perl/TK right now (without octave).
> There was also a perl-octave discussion some time ago.
> Maybe that's a good idea (I don't like tcl).

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