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Re: Organising Guix Days

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: Re: Organising Guix Days
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2021 18:51:26 +0100
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Julien Lepiller <> skribis:

> I think it's time to start organising the Guix Days, traditionally held
> around Fosdem.
> During our guix-europe assembly, we discussed some options and everyone
> agreed they wanted a two-day event, online just as Fosdem. I attached a
> proposed blog post that we should put on the website as soon as we
> agree on the first details.
> I suggest that we have these days right after Fosdem, Monday and
> Tuesday. This should give us just a few more days to prepare, as I think
> we're starting pretty late already. If you prefer to have them before
> fosdem, I can change the blog post of course.

No strong opinion, but I wonder if some might prefer to have it a few
days later, so they can give their eyes and ears some rest.  :-)

> As for how it'll be organised. I propose to do something similar to
> what we need in November 2020. I'd love to get some talks from people
> outside the usual maintainers and commiters, to have an overview of the
> diversity of people and usage around Guix.
> Last year, we asked speakers to prepare a video in advance, and they
> would only have an extended Q&A/discussion session. I think this year
> we should have the same process, but ask for a short (3-5 minutes) talk
> at the start of the session to refresh our minds on the main points of
> the presentation before discussions start.


The whole program sounds great to me!

> Also, we need to secure a BBB instance :)

I think we can still use the same one as last year (zimoun?).  If that
doesn’t work, there’s a couple of options, such as Inria’s instance.


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