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Organising Guix Days

From: Julien Lepiller
Subject: Organising Guix Days
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2021 02:37:21 +0100

Hi Guix!

I think it's time to start organising the Guix Days, traditionally held
around Fosdem.

During our guix-europe assembly, we discussed some options and everyone
agreed they wanted a two-day event, online just as Fosdem. I attached a
proposed blog post that we should put on the website as soon as we
agree on the first details.

I suggest that we have these days right after Fosdem, Monday and
Tuesday. This should give us just a few more days to prepare, as I think
we're starting pretty late already. If you prefer to have them before
fosdem, I can change the blog post of course.

As for how it'll be organised. I propose to do something similar to
what we need in November 2020. I'd love to get some talks from people
outside the usual maintainers and commiters, to have an overview of the
diversity of people and usage around Guix.

Last year, we asked speakers to prepare a video in advance, and they
would only have an extended Q&A/discussion session. I think this year
we should have the same process, but ask for a short (3-5 minutes) talk
at the start of the session to refresh our minds on the main points of
the presentation before discussions start.

Of course, one of our co-maintainers should have a session on a
retrospective (what happened last year in Guix) and lead discussions on
the future of Guix. We should reserve plenty of time for this session.

In addition, I'd like to invite people to submit discussion ideas and
be free of having to make a presentation if they prefer (BoF). I'd also
like to "innovate" and have a session of lightning talks, where people
would only have to give a short, live presentation on any topic related
to Guix (I'm thinking short presentation of a project where you use
guix, of something you're doing with guix, how you found guix, a story
of your first days with guix, ...). We can also replace that with a
presentation round at the beginning of the conference if we don't have
enough lightning talks.

The Guix Days have never been a "real" conference, and always had a lot
of room for discussions that start on the spot. I'd like to emulate
this by keeping a lot of time out of the talk sessions to discuss
whatever comes up naturally during our discussions.

Also, we need to secure a BBB instance :)


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