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Re: Organising Guix Days

From: zimoun
Subject: Re: Organising Guix Days
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2021 10:07:13 +0100

Hi Julien,

On Sat, 11 Dec 2021 at 02:37, Julien Lepiller <> wrote:

> I think it's time to start organising the Guix Days, traditionally held
> around Fosdem.

Nice initiative!  Count on me for helping. :-)

> As for how it'll be organised. I propose to do something similar to
> what we need in November 2020. I'd love to get some talks from people
> outside the usual maintainers and commiters, to have an overview of the
> diversity of people and usage around Guix.

I agree.

> Last year, we asked speakers to prepare a video in advance, and they
> would only have an extended Q&A/discussion session. I think this year
> we should have the same process, but ask for a short (3-5 minutes) talk
> at the start of the session to refresh our minds on the main points of
> the presentation before discussions start.

In your views, the presentation is 3-5 minutes exposing the topic then
live discussion/Q&A.  Or 3-5 minutes video then 10-20 minutes of live
presentation and then live Q&A?

(The post provides a better explanation but I am not sure to fully get
what you have in mind.)

> The Guix Days have never been a "real" conference, and always had a lot
> of room for discussions that start on the spot. I'd like to emulate
> this by keeping a lot of time out of the talk sessions to discuss
> whatever comes up naturally during our discussions.

A LibreAdventure [1 ]instance could help here.

1: <;a=summary>

> title: Announcing the second online Guix Days Conference
> date: 2021-12-10 00:00
> author: Guix Hackers
> slug: online-guix-days-2022-announce-1
> tags: Conference, Community
> ---


> ##### Until January 21: talks proposal
> Propose your talks by sending them to ``.  Feel free to drop

This alias received a lot of spam, IIRC.  Do we use the same than past
year?  Or do we use  And then drop it a couple of
weeks after the event.

> in `#guix` on to discuss what you would like to talk about
> before submitting. :)
> You can choose one of the following formats:
>  - Standard talk. 15-45 minutes pre-recorded presentation and a 5 minutes 
> lightning talk.
>    The 5-minute presentation will be live, to refresh our minds, followed by
>    a 30 minutes live Q&A.
>  - BoF (birds of a feather, for a session with a small group who wants to talk
>    about a specific topic) with no presentation. You may prepare something 
> live
>    to spark conversations.

Although BoF is often used, last year, some people raised it is not so
common.  Naming is hard. ;-)  I am fine with this name, just to be sure
it is fine.

>  - Lightning talk with a 5 minutes live presentation
> In addition to the format you would like to choose, please describe your 
> session
> with 10 lines or more (for lightning talks, at least 1 sentence).
> Once you have sent your proposal, you will be notified in the coming days
> whether your talk be part of the Guix Day. Submit earlier to get more time to
> prepare your session!
> Even for live presentation, please prepare a back-up pre-recorded talk, so
> we can play it if you cannot attend or have a technical problem during the
> Guix days. The deadline for short presentations (5 minutes) is February 4.
> We welcome all kinds of topics from the community, especially your own 
> experience
> with Guix, your cool projects that involve Guix in some way, infrastructure 
> around
> guix (translations, continuous integration, ...), and any subject you feel

  ^ Guix

> should be discussed during the conference.
> Have a look at the topics from [the last 
> conference](/blog/2020/online-guix-day-announce-1/)
> for ideas, but don't hesitate to innovate in your proposals!
> ##### January 21 (or before) - 28: prepare your talk
> The aim of the pre-recorded talks is to demonstrate new features, what you are
> hacking on, introduce the subject for easing the live question and answer
> sessions or BoFs.  These pre-recorded talks should be **15-45 minutes
> long**.  Feel free to ask if you need help with the recording.
> You are free to choose whichever storage platform you want (e.g., your own
> website, a PeerTube instance, a Nextcloud instance, etc.), but we will need to
> have access to the original file so we can publish it later on
> [](  Your video must be
> released under a license that at least allows anyone to copy and share it, for
> any purpose.

Ahah!  Maybe one day, the ones of last year will be there first. ;-)

> You will have to release the video publicly before January 28, so everyone
> has a chance to see it before the conference.  If you are not able to do so
> (for instance your server cannot handle a huge load), you can alternatively
> send us a private link to the video and we will upload it on
> [](  If you decide to do so,
> you will need to have the video ready by January 26.

No, it is not possible to upload to  Instead, let
create something as pointing to one of Bordeaux or
Berlin machine and put all the videos we have around.


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