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Re: Release v1.4 (or 2.0): process and schedule ?

From: zimoun
Subject: Re: Release v1.4 (or 2.0): process and schedule ?
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2021 10:14:31 +0100

On Mon, 20 Dec 2021 at 10:04, zimoun <> wrote:

>> I'd like to fix #52051 before issuing the first release candidate (RC).
>> Assuming this can be made before the end of January with the first RC
>> coming out around New Year, and that the kind of collaboration I've seen
>> in the last weeks continues at the same intensity, this seems
>> achievable.

>  - adapt the importers with the new style is also a thing
>  - various guix home minor fixes discussed [1] by Xinglu, Andrew and
>    Ludo, a blog post would be neat too. :-)

Also this:


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