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Re: Release v1.4 (or 2.0): process and schedule ?

From: Vagrant Cascadian
Subject: Re: Release v1.4 (or 2.0): process and schedule ?
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2021 13:20:32 -0800

On 2021-12-21, Vagrant Cascadian wrote:
> On 2021-12-19, Maxim Cournoyer wrote:
>> zimoun <> writes:
>>> In both case, what is the target for a release date?  I propose January
>>> 31rst.  WDYT?
>> I'd like to fix #52051 before issuing the first release candidate (RC).
>> Assuming this can be made before the end of January with the first RC
>> coming out around New Year, and that the kind of collaboration I've seen
>> in the last weeks continues at the same intensity, this seems
>> achievable.
> Would it be appropriate to fix the ~700 low-hanbging fruit issues that
> are identified by:
>   guix lint --checkers=description,synopsis
> It is not the most exciting work technically, but it is relatively easy,
> and low risk, maybe the worst it does is put a bit more work on
> translators...
> Maybe there are also other low hanging fruit guix lint knows about that
> would not be particularly disruptive?
> It is not particularly urgent for a release, per se, but I suspect it
> will just grow and grow without some sort of cycle to address such
> trivial issues... and doing such cleanup before making a release would
> aim for a higher standard of craftspersonship. :)
> I can maybe try to help stir up a coordinated effort, if folks are
> interested in pursuing this line of thinking!

Could guix style be adapted to apply some of these changes? Some of them
are simple things like trailing whitespace, for example.

live well,

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