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Re: Release v1.4 (or 2.0): process and schedule ?

From: Maxim Cournoyer
Subject: Re: Release v1.4 (or 2.0): process and schedule ?
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2021 21:12:36 -0500
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Hi Simon,

zimoun <> writes:

> Hi,
> Now core-updates-frozen is merged.  Now The Big Change [1 ]is done.  Do
> we go for v1.4 or v2.0?

As I've mentioned previously, I'd go for a 1.4.0 release, since overall
we've refined and improved (greatly!) what we already had rather than
introduced something revolutionary.  I'd keep a 2.0.0 for when we have
p2p distributed substitutes, a custom graphical tool and/or integration
with the 'Software' application in GNOME, this kind of big user-facing
changes.  But that's just my personal opinion :-).  If the majority
feels a 2.0.0 is more suitable, I won't mind.

> In both case, what is the target for a release date?  I propose January
> 31rst.  WDYT?

I'd like to fix #52051 before issuing the first release candidate (RC).
Assuming this can be made before the end of January with the first RC
coming out around New Year, and that the kind of collaboration I've seen
in the last weeks continues at the same intensity, this seems


>> The lesson of v1.0.1 [#,@] is: please help in testing the
>> installer. :-)

Yes, I also feel we should give the installer a lot of testing; it seems
many people have had issues with it, especially when dealing with newer
EFI machines.  Unfortunately I don't have such a machine available for
testing myself...

>> How does it sound?
>> Last, Guix is a “rolling-release“, so what does it mean ‘release’? :-)
>> The main argument for releasing, IMHO, is communication and so attract
>> potential new users. :-)

To me, it's a milestone that can be communicated and provides a more
thoroughly tested (in theory) Guix installation image.

Thanks for helping shape the release plan,


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