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Re: Guile 3 and wip-elisp/Emacs

From: Gregg Sangster
Subject: Re: Guile 3 and wip-elisp/Emacs
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2021 20:38:51 +0200
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Hi Christine,

On Friday, October 22, 2021 12:17 EDT, Christine Lemmer-Webber 
<> wrote:

> Christine Lemmer-Webber <> writes:
> > I missed earlier in the thread that Gregg said that we should use
> > --disable-jit.  Once I did that it was fine.  So ignore this bit!
> >
> >  - Christine
> It wasn't this either!  It turns out it's that ,L elisp and geiser don't
> seem to get along (yet).  The same thing happens with me in Guile's
> stable release.
> Also notably, --disable-jit doesn't seem to have been the culprit for me
> then; I got it to compile fine without it, I think?

--disable-jit isn't needed.  My initial rebasing was done in the 
guile-for-guile-emacs guix environment and around the guile 2 to 3 transition 
it became necessary.  After switching to the guile-next environment, the jit 
version compiles fine.


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