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Re: Guile 3 and wip-elisp/Emacs

From: Christine Lemmer-Webber
Subject: Re: Guile 3 and wip-elisp/Emacs
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2021 21:46:41 -0400
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Ludovic Courtès <> writes:

> Hello!
> Christine Lemmer-Webber <> skribis:
>> I've pushed this as origin/wip-elisp-rebased.  I actually rebased it
>> again, making some naming adjustments for myself and a couple of
>> adjustments having talked to Robin.
>> If nobody objects, I'd like to merge this into main.  Maintainers, if
>> you have any objections, speak now or forever hold these commits!
> I haven’t looked at the branch, but I think it’s great to see it live
> and it’s great if it can be merged!

I just compiled the rebased version and will be playing with it little
bits over the next few days to make sure it's reasonably good.

> Some things to pay attention to before merging to ‘main’, since it
> corresponds to the current 3.0 stable branch:
>   • Make sure no backward incompatibilities are introduced in
>     preexisting modules;
>   • Make sure the ABI of and that of public modules
>     is unchanged, or is changed compatibly;

There are, I think, two commits that could use review, but I am NOT the
right person to do this.

  4e96211eb666751b8666beb918bf3108aa1c725b intern arbitrary constants
  433fc448ddb018767906f8808203c9668c68cd83 multiple obarrays

>   • Make sure there are reasonable tests and doc so it can be maintained
>     (and used!) going forward;

Three tests across elisp-compiler.test,elisp-reader.test, elisp.test.
They seem to cover enough.

>   • Robin has a copyright assignment on file, so we should be fine
>     (whether we’ll keep doing copyright assignment for Guile is still
>     unclear, but we can discuss that separately).


> I think we should also wait for a green light from Andy.

Yes, I think so too.

Note that I will be without consistent internet over the next few days
so will be replying intermittently until the weekend, but I want to see
this happen.  Andy, I think you're the best person to review the
relevant commits above (and maybe the "guile-private-ref" and "allow
arbitrary constants in cps" commits look relevant too).

> Thanks Gregg, Christine, Robin, and everyone involved!

Yes, also Ricardo for doing the previous rebase!

This is awesome stuff!  Let's get it in!

> Ludo’.

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