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The messenger service is ready to use

From: TheJackiMonster
Subject: The messenger service is ready to use
Date: Sat, 06 Mar 2021 02:22:30 +0100
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Hi everyone,

I just got the last pieces done to complete the core functionality of
the messenger service I'm working on for a while. So it is updated on
the main branch now and can be build by enabling the experimental flag.
(I think it's best letting it experimental until a next major release.)

The core functionality may work fine (at least from my perspective of
testing) but there is still some optimization to be done. Also I want
to add a proper CLI application and a GTK application which can be used

However I will probably start writing down the manual now with
instructions to use the service and going over the code adding more
comments and improving documentation.

There also some features I want to include into a client-side-only
library to ease development of the applications. For example file
sharing works in theory but is not really automated yet.

Features which would be included as simple functions in the library:
 - Replying to selected messages
 - Citing other messages
 - Deleting messages
 - Requesting messages
 - Sharing files
 - Downloading files
 - Publishing a chatroom
 - Searching for a public chatroom
 - Opening a private chat
 ~ Using a profile picture
 - Sharing public files (uploads from FS)

The library will probably handle more advanced messages based on JSON
or some similar text-based format to allow adding features more
dynamically. So the service itself does not have to be changed to

Also with JSON messages it should be quite easy getting a good
interface done to web clients as well and the messages could include
more meta-data for something like posts in social media or forums.

Happy hacking

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