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Re: The messenger service is ready to use

From: Schanzenbach, Martin
Subject: Re: The messenger service is ready to use
Date: Sat, 6 Mar 2021 09:01:02 +0100

Cool. Keep us updated.

I know it is a chore, but it would also be great to have documentation:

- As we discussed a small "howto" manual (can wait until CLI is "done" I guess)
- Manpage (see doc/man)
- Handbook entry (see doc/handbook)


> On 6. Mar 2021, at 02:22, TheJackiMonster <> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I just got the last pieces done to complete the core functionality of
> the messenger service I'm working on for a while. So it is updated on
> the main branch now and can be build by enabling the experimental flag.
> (I think it's best letting it experimental until a next major release.)
> The core functionality may work fine (at least from my perspective of
> testing) but there is still some optimization to be done. Also I want
> to add a proper CLI application and a GTK application which can be used
> conveniently.
> However I will probably start writing down the manual now with
> instructions to use the service and going over the code adding more
> comments and improving documentation.
> There also some features I want to include into a client-side-only
> library to ease development of the applications. For example file
> sharing works in theory but is not really automated yet.
> Features which would be included as simple functions in the library:
> - Replying to selected messages
> - Citing other messages
> - Deleting messages
> - Requesting messages
> - Sharing files
> - Downloading files
> - Publishing a chatroom
> - Searching for a public chatroom
> - Opening a private chat
> ~ Using a profile picture
> - Sharing public files (uploads from FS)
> The library will probably handle more advanced messages based on JSON
> or some similar text-based format to allow adding features more
> dynamically. So the service itself does not have to be changed to
> frequently.
> Also with JSON messages it should be quite easy getting a good
> interface done to web clients as well and the messages could include
> more meta-data for something like posts in social media or forums.
> Happy hacking
> Jacki

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