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GNUNET_CRYPTO_ecdh_ecdsa fails with anonymous key

From: TheJackiMonster
Subject: GNUNET_CRYPTO_ecdh_ecdsa fails with anonymous key
Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2021 17:57:56 +0100
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I was actually integrating private messages into the messenger API when
I encountered that decrypting messages failed awfully. I thought
something in my code was wrong, then I double checked the crypto

GNUNET_CRYPTO_ecdh_ecdsa(...) and GNUNET_CRYPTO_ecdsa_ecdh(...)

But their test-case in util checked successfully. So I tested with the
ECDSA key from GNUNET_CRYPTO_ecdsa_key_get_anonymous() which gets used
by the anonymous ego in the identity service.

So the result was, that GNUNET_CRYPTO_ecdh_ecdsa and
GNUNET_CRYPTO_ecdsa_ecdh returned different hashes when using the
anonymous key. These functions are using for encrypting and decrypting
messages (generating a shared key).

From my point of view it would be fine to just letting the
GNUNET_IDENTITY_encrypt() and GNUNET_IDENTITY_decrypt() functions fail
when the anonymous key gets used (it doesn't make sense for private
messages anyway) but I was wondering why verification still seems to
work with this key.

Also I wanted to ask if this behavior was expected. Maybe this could be
addressed in some doxygen comments.

Happy hacking

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