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Re: [Tof-general] Installation & Configuration

From: Laurent Martelli
Subject: Re: [Tof-general] Installation & Configuration
Date: 09 Oct 2001 17:27:42 +0200
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>>>>> "Miguel" == Miguel Koren O'Brien de Lacy <address@hidden> writes:

  Miguel> I did all that and more. The way I have my Apache/PHP
  Miguel> installation set up is that the PHPUtil prepend.php3 file is
  Miguel> prepended to all the PHP programs (set in php.ini). So what
  Miguel> i had to do is to emove all the 'require' commands for all
  Miguel> the 'inc' files in slooze_local.php. After I did that it
  Miguel> worked! Except for one little problem. I found out that my
  Miguel> PHP installation does not have PostgreSQL support built in
  Miguel> (pg_connect() error as an undefined function). I can't
  Miguel> remember if I compiled PHP and left that out or if I
  Miguel> installed an rpm (it was quite a while ago). So I'll have to
  Miguel> take a few days to update my PHP.

  Miguel> Do you know of any other way to make thumbnails apart from
  Miguel> Image Magick? I have the feeling it's complicated to install
  Miguel> because of a lot of dependencies with graphic systems that I
  Miguel> probably don't have on this server. In fact this is one of
  Miguel> the reasons I decided to skip Photoarch.

On my debian system, imagemagick indeed have a few dependencies that
are not required for convert to work (such as xlib). However it should
be instable without having an X server. An other solution is to use
PHP image manipulation functions, but at the time I implemented the
feature, all image types did not work out of the box.

Laurent Martelli

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