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Re: [Tof-general] Installation & Configuration

From: Laurent Martelli
Subject: Re: [Tof-general] Installation & Configuration
Date: 08 Oct 2001 15:50:40 +0200
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>>>>> "Miguel" == Miguel Koren O'Brien de Lacy <address@hidden> writes:

  Miguel> After installing PostgreSQL and PHPLIB I ran into
  Miguel> problems. PostreSQL is apparently ok because the database I
  Miguel> created is there and the tables that PHPLIB needs are also
  Miguel> there. PHPLIB is theoretically working because I get the
  Miguel> correct results from the index.php3 and showoff.php3 pages
  Miguel> (using the MySql example).

  Miguel> But, after installing TOF (1.3.2) and making the changes to
  Miguel> slooze_local.php I get this error when accessing the
  Miguel> photos.php page

  Miguel> "Cannot redeclare class db_sql in
  Miguel> /home/httpd/phplib/ line 12"

It looks like your php installation auto includes some phplib
files. You should remove the "require("");" line in

  Miguel> This looks like a PHPLIB problem but I'm stuck with it.

  Miguel> By looking through the source I have the impression that
  Miguel> thumbnails have to be generated outside of TOF. Is this so?

This is partly true. It does the thumbnails when you upload through
the web, but not otherwise. It looks like a missing feature ;-)

I use the following script to build my thumbnails (it uses image
magick's convert utility) :

Attachment: build_thumbs
Description: thumbnails script

It recursively convert any .png file into a -t.jpg and a -w.jpg with
well defined dimensions.

Laurent Martelli

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