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Re: [Tof-general] Installation & Configuration

From: Laurent Martelli
Subject: Re: [Tof-general] Installation & Configuration
Date: 15 Oct 2001 14:08:01 +0200
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>>>>> "Miguel" == Miguel Koren O'Brien de Lacy <address@hidden> writes:

  Miguel> I changed that line in slooze_local.php and now I can access
  Miguel> the login page, but when I login with the 'admin' user and
  Miguel> the password I setup before running the script, right at the
  Miguel> top of the page I get ERREUR : UID VIDE. If I put in a non
  Miguel> existent user or a bad password for user 'admin', nothing
  Miguel> happens. I think this is correct and that there seems to be
  Miguel> a problem further on after 'admin' actually does
  Miguel> login. Maybe the UID value is lost somewhere after the
  Miguel> login?

  Miguel> Any ideas where to search for this problem?

What's in the table users ? This message means there's no "uid" value
for the given user. Oh, I get it : case sensitiveness again :-(
Lowercase the field names at the end of slooze_local.php :


      $this->uid = $this->db->f("UserID");
      $uid = $this->uid;
      $this->name = $this->db->f("Name");
      $this->email = $this->db->f("Email")

      $this->uid = $this->db->f("userid");
      $uid = $this->uid;
      $this->name = $this->db->f("name");
      $this->email = $this->db->f("email")

Sorry again.

  Miguel> I also noticed that if I run the program right after
  Miguel> starting PostgreSQL (i.e. only PostgreSQL is active in the
  Miguel> process list, I get this error when accessing the login page
  Miguel> (before it shows up):

  Miguel> Warning: PostgreSQL query failed: pqReadData() -- backend
  Miguel> closed the channel unexpectedly. This probably means the
  Miguel> backend terminated abnormally before or while processing the
  Miguel> request. in /home/httpd/phplib/ on line 69

I've also had this error. I guess postgres is not quite ready yet. 


  Miguel> The next time I try it, it works but then I notice that
  Miguel> there are more instances of PostgreSQL running in an idle
  Miguel> state:

  Miguel> postgres: postgres delacy idle

  Miguel> After several uses of login, there are many more
  Miguel> instances. I believe that this has something to do with
  Miguel> persistent connections to the database. What do I need to do
  Miguel> to kill them off? Or is something missing in the program?

PHPlib's persistent connections keep connections opened, so it's
normal that the process is left running. However it seems odd that
several processes are running if no concurrent transaction have been
run. Maybe there's one postgres process per apache process.

  Miguel> If I do this with the psql command line tool the SQL
  Miguel> statement works OK the first time and all the next times
  Miguel> with no idle instances left over.

  Miguel> Well, we're getting much closer now...... In the meantime,
  Miguel> to prove to myself that I have gd, jpeg6b, Image Magic,
  Miguel> etc. properly installed, I've written a small test page to
  Miguel> render thumbnails and connect to PostgreSQL. After that I
  Miguel> hope to print out the source code and analyze it because I
  Miguel> have ideas for new features I need.

There are 3 main modules :

        slooze_render.php : handle the HTML code creation
        slooze.php : provides picture handling functions to the former
        slooze_ct_sql.php : DB interaction

  Miguel> By the way, I noticed that your example site has a check box
  Miguel> called 'recurse'. It's probably for the next version. What
  Miguel> is it supposed to do?

It's used to display not only the images of the current topic, but
also those of the subtopics of the current topic.

Laurent Martelli

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