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Re: [Tof-general] Installation & Configuration

From: Laurent Martelli
Subject: Re: [Tof-general] Installation & Configuration
Date: 15 Oct 2001 17:25:17 +0200
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>>>>> "Miguel" == Miguel Koren O'Brien de Lacy <address@hidden> writes:

  Miguel> Yes!!!! I have connected ......  Now I have to investigate
  Miguel> how to include images. If you have some ideas to sahre,
  Miguel> great. By the way, do you save the images in the database or
  Miguel> do you save them in files? I saw a line that seems to
  Miguel> indicate that both alternatives are possible and I would
  Miguel> prefer database because it gets rid of file permission
  Miguel> problems, but in case of 'saving in database', does it mean
  Miguel> that the complete image is in the database, nothing in the
  Miguel> directory?

Images are stored in files. The $basePath parameter in
slooze_local.php defines the root directory where the files are to be
found. Thumbnails filenames must end with $thumb_suffix and normal
size filenames must end with $picture_suffix.

To add new pictures, you should create a directory per user in
$basePath. This is to avoid possible name clashes between users. A
user shouldn't have to care about other users rolls. And in the
directory of the user, there must be a directory per roll. For
instance, for user miguel and roll birthday, you would have:



Once the files are there, you can user the web interface to "declare"
the new roll. You must be logged in, go to the "admin view", and then
"my rolls". Or directly point your browser to "/admin.php?MyRolls". 
Choose a rollID for the roll, check "add all pictures", (this add all
unregistered pictures found in the rolls directory in the new roll),
select a initial topic where to put the pictures, and initial groups
that will be able to see the pictures. When you create a new user, a
single user group is created for that user. The logged in user is
always added so that the owner of a picture can always see it. 

  Miguel> I'll have to travel to Mexico this week so you won't hear
  Miguel> from me until next week, but I'll be reading mail and
  Miguel> 'perhaps' I'll have access to the server to test out some
  Miguel> ideas.

  Miguel> Regarding PostgreSQL, I'll try to see what can be done or
  Miguel> needs to be done to it to make it 'behave'. I can't believe
  Miguel> that there are bugs as serious as this. 

The more I think about it, the more I think there's one connection per
Apache process. 

  Miguel> Another question I have is if we really need PostgreSQL (I
  Miguel> would rather use Interbase)? Isn't that what PHPlib is for,
  Miguel> to make SQL database independent?

As long as interbase supports the postgresql features that I use,
there should be no problem. It should just be a matter of uncommenting
the right line in slooze_local.php. But since I haven't tested with
anything but postgresql, it is possible that a few queries need to be

Laurent Martelli

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