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[phpGroupWare-users] Re: [phpGroupWare-developers] Re: [phpGroupWare coo

From: Maât
Subject: [phpGroupWare-users] Re: [phpGroupWare-developers] Re: [phpGroupWare coordinators] Goodbye
Date: Thu, 08 Oct 2009 10:53:24 +0200
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Dr. Christian Böttger wrote:
> Hi,
> Dave Hall schrieb:
>> I will keep my message here brief, but I am stepping down from all of my
>> roles within the project effectively immediately.  
> Obviously, we all have to respect your decision. Nevertheless, it's a pity.
> Thanks a lot for all your work for phpGW.
Same thoughts here :)

>> If people still want to continue the project I will assist with the
>> transition.  I am also available to assist with any shutdown.
> Well, it would be sad if we had to shut down phpGW. The code base might
> be a bit outdated (php4), but the concept of phpGW of being more that
> just calendar, mail and addressbook is stil valid and rather unique.
Agreed for phpGW being unique 

The code base still needs cleaning but that's not a complicated thing to
do. Provided a good "cleaning guide" even beginners could get in and
play with us all

> Most "modern" groupware systems just focus on these "essentials" - it's
> easier to maintain.
these are mainly mail+agenda-wares

there are other needs (budget management, projet management, team
management) that could be focused by groupware suites

> Unfortunately, I have no programming power at hand to contribute - I
> myself am not a programmer any more...
I maintain what i said long ago : we lacked documentation (nice user
guide, nice developper guide, nice code documentation) that prevented
people to get in et slowed people adoption of phpGW

We can chose to work on these things and part off them do not need
killer coding skills :)

we need people ready to write user documentation, people willing to
install, test, detect regressions, reproduce and classify bugs  before
passing them to coders

I think we also could do with a guy skilled with css and web "look and
feel"... that would not need php
> Hope we find a way to continue
> Regards
> Christian aka bofh42
There are unaddressed user needs... we could address them and try to
focus on software intelligence (workflows for example) as well as
ergonomy  (ajaxizing phpGW for example)

The main question is : are there enough of us left willing to continue
or not.

If the answer is "yes" we can then focus on team organization, election
of a leader and so on.

If the answer is "no"...

hope it will be "yes" :)

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