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Re: Does this list echo?

From: ToddAndMargo
Subject: Re: Does this list echo?
Date: Sat, 18 May 2019 22:49:18 -0700
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Would you fix this issue for me?

Many thanks,

On 5/6/19 8:52 PM, Bob Proulx wrote:
ToddAndMargo wrote:
Does this list echo back you post or do you only get
echo'ed back replies?
Yes.  You are subscribed to the mailing list.  You will receive a copy
of all messages posted to the mailing list including your own
postings.  There is a Mailman option to disable this.

Note that if your email terminates at Google's Gmail then Gmail will
place your messages into the Sent folder.  When Gmail receives the
same message-id from the mailing list it will discard the secondary
copy as a duplicate of the one that is in the Sent folder.
Subsequently when another replies to a message then the reply will
show up in the Inbox.  Being in the Inbox and a reply it will have the
effect of showing the replied to message in the Inbox as well.  This
behavior leads a lot of Gmail users to think their email to mailing
lists is not working when it is simply the behavior of Gmail.

Hope that helps.


Hi Bob,

I am about to find out the hard way if this mailing list supports
HTML in-line images.

Found the setting.  It does not work.  I do not get echo back of
my own posts.

And I am using, not gmail.

I subscribe to about 20 mailing list.  The only other one that this happens to
is the Xfce list and they do it on purpose.


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