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Re: Comments on the Mac installation instructions on the wiki

From: Matthias Brennwald
Subject: Re: Comments on the Mac installation instructions on the wiki
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2007 11:28:26 +0200

On 14.04.2007, at 10:57, David Bateman wrote:

Thomas Treichl wrote:

- Who is interested to host MacOSX binary on server? OctaveForge?

Sure, why not host it on sourceforge, though I have two concerns

1) All binary releases of GPL code must have available all of the source code needed to rebuild them. So you'll need a source code bundle ideally
 available from the same location as the binary itself. I'm not sure
what sourceforge policy is on distributed such bundles particularly for
programs like Octave with lots of external dependencies, its likely to
be rather large (if rarely downloaded)....

2) Isn't there other sites that Mac users know better as download
locations for MacOS binaries? In that case, wouldn't octave get better
exposure on one of these?

Uhm, I can only speak for myself, but sourceforge certainly is one of the better places to find software for my Mac...


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