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Re: Comments on the Mac installation instructions on the wiki

From: Daniel Oberhoff
Subject: Re: Comments on the Mac installation instructions on the wiki
Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2007 17:06:49 +0200

Note that MacPorts can build .pkg files. This may be the simplest approach. However, it installs everything into /opt/local...

Use stow to mirror everything into /usr/local, that also makes sure nothing is double and provides a clean uninstall mechanism. Also I think it should be possible to put macports somewhere else than opt/ local. At least internally everything is built depending on a prefix variable, and not hardcoded to /opt/local. Though it is generally preferrable to put things into some /opt path and stow, so it's easy to roll back in case of mess-ups.

Also octave should soon be 2.9.10 on macports. Though I am not sure if octave-forge will still work then, due to the new mechanism of octave-forge. It is relatively easy to install octave-forge by hand though. Same as gnuplot which is only 4.0 in macports, and 4.2 has image support which is much better than imagemagick. So things might have to be added by hand into the package. Also not 100% sure to add a shell phase to the package for stow, anyone?


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