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Re: Comments on the Mac installation instructions on the wiki

From: Thomas Treichl
Subject: Re: Comments on the Mac installation instructions on the wiki
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2007 20:26:18 +0200
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A lot of question, a lot of answers, thanks everybody.

1) All binary releases of GPL code must have available all of the source
code needed to rebuild them. So you'll need a source code bundle ideally
 available from the same location as the binary itself. I'm not sure
what sourceforge policy is on distributed such bundles particularly for
programs like Octave with lots of external dependencies, its likely to
be rather large (if rarely downloaded)....

You just need to include the build scripts in admin/osx.

Ok, we can do this when it's the time for it, meanwhile I document everything what has to be done and also try to build some automatism...

I personally would prefer two 120 Mb binaries rather than one 200 Mb binary.

Yes, so I concentrate on creating not a universal binary - it also makes more sense to me, if somebody with PPC can download the PPCapp and the one with IA architecture can download the IAapp.

BTW, don't forget to include gfortran so that folks can install their own 

Add the moment I think about that, what actually has to be included and what has not to be included, eg. I thought not to include the gnuplot binary, because there is a beautiful on AquaTerm out there. I would more prefer to check for the gnuplot binary if it is there before octave will be started and then open some nice dialog if it isn't there and tell the user that he should get this?! We can also put the into the with a nice Readme.html file?

In short: I think the may depend on other *.app that are out there in the wide world and that are hosted and maintained by another group of developers?! If we check if these apps are there, before we do the octave startup and tell the user, he can do the don

How many Mb do all of these additional packages require?

This strongly depends on the dependencies ;o) I cleaned up resp. UnGNUified my Mac this morning so the first thing I deleted was the But it was really big (because I simply added the whole TeX environment which has 600MB for its own) - and think it had >1GB. Okay, I do know what sizes you might expect (<100MB) so I try to do my very best.

At the moment I have the problem that the original libblas (accessed via the -framework vecLib option) that is shipped on my Mac inherits just the IA-dyld (but not the ppc-dyld). So the compiler tells me that cross-compilation is not possible there. So I would either need to solve the libblas dependency (what needs again more disk-space) or somebody else later creates the PPCapp on a real PPC?! At the moment I do this cross compilation because I think there are more Mac octave users out there that use PPC, also I like to know if the Mac Rosetta does a good translation from PPC to IA at runtime.

So long,

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